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$151,228,722Medical ProductHeart Damage
$104,479,115Prescription DrugDiabetes
$90,455,399Farming ProductTrade Disruption
$68,055,680Prescription DrugHeart Damage
$60,084,411Prescription DrugInternal Bleeding
$29,224,646Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$26,923,200Medical ProductSkin Death
$25,384,216Medical ProductBladder Cancer
$19,116,024Breach of Fiduciary DutyFinancial Loss
$17,617,042Breach of Payment ContractFinancial Loss
$16,126,301D&O NegligenceFinancial Loss
$14,280,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$13,177,989Sale of Credit ReportsFinancial Loss
$11,991,670Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$10,026,249Tile SealantPulmonary Injury
$9,512,498Chair Causing FireDeath
$9,187,114Industrial AccidentBurn Injury
$9,181,172Fuel System FailureTwo Deaths
$9,146,004Medical ProductCardiac Injury
$8,894,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$8,540,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$8,010,186Fuel System FailureDeath
$7,911,694Fuel System FailureDeath
$7,787,790Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$7,694,750Industrial AccidentDeath

Results above are cumulative total amounts net to clients. Past success does not guarantee future success.


Your Cedar Hill Truck Accident Lawyer 

ZERO deathless days occurred on Texas roads in 2018. A major contributing factor to this terrible truth is the danger and force of large trucks on the road. In 2016 there were 541,000 large truck and bus crashes, resulting in 4,079 deaths (9% of which were pedestrians), and nearly 119,000 injuries nationwide.   

Cedar Hill has faced its share of trucking dangers. As part of the Best Southwest area of Texas which also includes DeSoto, Duncanville, and Lancaster, this area is home to portions of US-67, I-20, I-35E, Belt Line Road, among other trucking thoroughfares. Texas is home to some of the nation’s highest speed limits, so 80,000lb tractor trailers topping 75mph speeding along these highways is a daily occurrence.  

The magnitude of the accidents that occur on high speed roadways such as these, particularly when large trucks are involved, can result in additional challenges to gaining your rightful determination and settlement. Trucking companies have legal and insurance resources at their fingertips that individuals simply do not, not to mention a wealth of experience protecting their interests in the aftermath of accidents.     

As a victim of a serious truck wreck, focusing on healing and recovery can be a full-time job, and you may find that you require the help of a skilled accident attorney. Thompson Law has the experience, expertise, and tenacity to stand up to big companies and collect your rightful compensation. You deserve to have The Lion on your side! 

Trucking Fast Facts:    

Pickup trucks are the most popular vehicle sold in Texas, and the Ford F-150 is the most popular model.      

Texas contributed 9.3% of the fatal tractor trailer collisions that occurred in the US in 2017, with 433 of the 4657 total accidents.    

Of crash fatalities that occurred statewide in 2018, about 36% occurred in truck crashes.   

Transportation and Warehousing industries have employed approximately 1 in every 20 Cedar Hill residents in the workforce. 

The US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) most recent statistics report that there are2,746,882semi trailers and 8,456,30 straight trucks in the US.     

American Trucking Association (ATA) released its 2018 revenue for the industry, reporting nearly $100 Billion in growth over last year, for a total of $796.7 Billion.     

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What Should I Do When Injured in an Accident?2019-03-14T10:57:57-05:00

Many people ask what they should do if they are injured in a car accident. While some of them avoid going to the hospital when they have no noticeable injuries, it makes their whole situation that much more complicated.

The shock of an accident can prevent you from feeling the pain of your injuries right away, and your injuries can get even worse without prompt treatment. If you get into an accident and don’t go to the hospital as soon as possible, it will be hard for you to prove that the accident caused your injuries. Calling the police and seeking medical attention are the first things you must do after an accident if you want to safeguard your health and protect your right to seek compensation.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?2018-10-18T11:22:07-05:00

Some people believe they can file a claim with the insurance company and get enough money to cover all their expenses after an accident. You must remember that insurance companies have their own interests in mind, not yours. When you file a claim, they will look for reasons to reduce or deny your compensation, and you will then be stuck paying for everything alone.

An insurance policy might not even cover everything when the insurance companies cooperate. The insurance company might try tricking you into a settlement amount that is worth much less than the real value of your case, and you don’t want to fall into that trap.

What Factors Affect My Claim’s Value?2018-10-18T11:21:59-05:00

If you want to know what your claim is worth, learn about the things that impact its value. Several factors will impact the value of your claim, and you need to consider them all to get your answer. The cost of your medical bills is one of the biggest factors that determine how much you can get in a settlement or judgment. The other party will also need to cover your car repair fees and lost wages if the other party is at fault for the collision.

How Long Do I have to File a Claim?2018-10-18T11:21:46-05:00

Another thing people want to know is the amount of time they have to file a claim. The answer depends on the state in which you live, and it can range from one to several years. Your insurance company also has guidelines for how soon after your accident you should contact them.

No matter your local laws, filing a claim the second you can safely do so is the safest bet. People can lose evidence and forget facts as time passes. If you wait too long to report your accident and file a claim, it will be much harder for you to prove that the original accident caused the damage.

What Happens If the Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?2018-10-18T11:21:20-05:00

You are likely wondering what you can expect if a driver hits you with no insurance policy. In most cases, you would sue the at-fault driver’s insurance company to get the money you need and deserve, but you have to sue uninsured drivers directly. You will probably not see much compensation if the uninsured driver does not have much money.

You will have to review your insurance policy for a detailed explanation of what will happen if you find yourself in that situation. Some policies only activate when you are at fault for the collision. On the other hand, your insurance policy will have your back no matter who is at fault if you have a no-fault policy.

What Damages Can I Recover?2018-10-18T11:17:37-05:00

It’s now time to explore the damages you can recover after you are in an accident. Most people know they can seek compensation for their medical bills and hospital stay, but not everyone knows they can seek compensation for lost wages. If your injuries stop you from going to work each day, you can collect damages to make up for the money you are losing. Car repair fees are another expense the insurance company of an at-fault driver will need to cover. If you can prove that the other driver’s malicious or grossly negligent behavior contributed to the accident, you might be able to seek punitive damages.

What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage2018-10-18T11:20:56-05:00

Uninsured motorist coverage protects you when you are in an accident with someone who does not have insurance. If you don’t want to find yourself in a bad position, make sure you know the limits of your uninsured motorist policy before facing the unthinkable. Getting an uninsured motorist policy is wise if you don’t live in a no-fault state and would like to stay safe.

What is Comparative Negligence?2018-10-18T11:20:51-05:00

Knowing how comparative negligence works is vital if you live in a state that uses it. In simple terms, comparative negligence implies both drivers can share fault for an accident, but one driver can be more at fault than the other. For example, you are texting while driving when another driver runs a stop sign and hits your car.

A jury finds that the driver who ran the stop sign is 80 percent at fault, but they believe you would have had a better chance of avoiding the accident if you were not texting at the time. They find you 20 percent at fault. You can only collect enough compensation to cover the other driver’s fault. In this case, you would get $8,000 if the jury thinks your case is worth $10,000.

What Happens When the Police Arrive on the Scene?2018-11-18T21:50:56-06:00

The police will start working on the case the minute they arrive on the scene taking statements from you, other victims, and any witnesses. After they’ve finished taking statements, they will give you a card with their contact information and have the vehicles towed for further investigation. Any criminal charges will be laid after the investigation is complete.

Who Should I Call Immediately After Leaving the Scene of an Accident?2018-11-18T21:52:31-06:00

Call an attorney. Your first instinct might be to call your insurance company, but it’s best to seek legal council first so you don’t accidentally admit guilt or take responsibility for the accident. In many cases your attorney will call the insurance company for you to prevent that from happening.

Should I Conduct My Own Investigation?2018-11-18T21:53:20-06:00

Absolutely not. It’s important to leave the investigation to the professionals. They know exactly how to work a case to determine all of the facts and details.

The Insurance Company Says My Car Is Totaled. Now What?2018-11-18T21:54:41-06:00

If your insurance company and the adjuster that have been assigned to your claim both agree that your car is totaled, you will receive a payment that covers the fair market value of your vehicle.

I’m a Pedestrian or Passenger. Can I Still Claim Damages?2018-11-18T21:55:45-06:00

Whether you’re a driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, you have the same rights as everyone else involved in the accident and are eligible to receive compensation from the responsible party as well as their insurance company.

A Family Member Was Injured in an Accident. Can I File a Lawsuit?2018-11-18T21:58:16-06:00

Yes. If one of your family members was injured or killed in an accident, or if the victim was a minor, you can proceed on behalf of that person

If I’m Partly to Blame for the Accident, Can I Still File a Case?2018-11-18T21:59:02-06:00

Consult with an attorney. Even if you are partly responsible for an accident, if the other party was more responsible you might still be able to receive compensation for your injuries as well as other damages.

Truck Crashes 


Trucks can be notoriously dangerous on the road. Their weight, payload size, overall size, and handling ability make them exceedingly precarious when they are not being operated with the driver’s full attention and uncompromised ability.      

Despite what we know about the damage these vehicles can cause when things go wrong, modern expectations of long-haul and commercial truck drivers can be extremely demanding, forcing the owner-operators and employees to take risks in order to meet tight schedules and cover the most mileage in the least time possible. Individuals driving trucks as their personal vehicle sometimes make risky or negligent choices too, in the way that they load their trucks or with the items they decide to haul.    

  • Compromised Visibility: Truck size and load can result in blind spots for the driver or block full visibility for the surrounding cars.      
  • Driver Fatigue: Limited or off-cycle sleep opportunities, nearly always after long hours, and grueling onload/offload tasks, contribute to physically and mentally tired drivers.      
  • Cargo Issues: Overweight, unbalanced, improperly loaded cargo can lead to leaks, spills, or handling trouble.    
  • Road Time Limits: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates Hours of Service that truck drivers may be on the road. However, these mandates are surprisingly lax. For example, property carrying drivers are only required to take a break after their 14th consecutive hour of driving.    
  • Mechanical: Before antilock brakes were required, starting in 1997, they were a main cause of tractor trailer accidents, particularly jackknifing.     
  • Treacherous Road Conditions: Inclement weather, icy roads, and low visibility are all complicating factors for every vehicle, but most of all with semis, which require much longer amounts of time to stop or change course.     

How can you avoid a trucking accident? 

Sadly, there is no surefire way to avoid truck crashes. Sometimes even the best efforts still result in unfortunate, and even tragic outcomes. When accidents happen, the best thing you can do is engage the proper authorities for best reporting of the incident and call a specialized truck accident attorney to advise you and represent your rights.   

In order to be a safe operator on the road, for the safety of you and your family, there are a few practices you can employ. Never tailgate trucks, as sudden stops or lane changes can leave you vulnerable and without warning. Use safe passing guidelines. Trucks have much larger blind-spots proportionally than passenger cars do. Never try to beat at truck at an intersection or lane change. Heavy cargo and machinery requires much more response time than a standard vehicle, so quick stops or adjustments are difficult if not impossible. Drive defensively. Remain observant and vigilant of the activity and objects surrounding you. If everyone employed these tactics, the road would be a much safer place each year.   

What the Trucking Companies Don’t Want you to Know     

In a nearly $800 Billion dollar industry, the resources at the disposal of the largest companies are practically limitless. Despite this overwhelming revenue, the industry also experiences a notoriously high turnover rate in employee drivers, in recent years reaching as much as 136%. This revolving door can drain resources for appropriately vetting and training drivers, leading to negligent or poor drivers continuing to gain new employment or maintaining employment at companies already suffering from turnover loss, despite their poor performance.     

Additionally, there are approximately 400,000 owner-operator truck drivers in the United States, and on average they operate vehicles that are over ten years old. When you have been hit by one of these individuals it can be difficult to determine who the actual at-fault parties are and accordingly, the sources of liability in your case. Despite an accident that involves one driver, there may be negligence and poor practice on an organizational level of the driver’s contracting company, which also contributed to the dangerous circumstances leading to your event. The expert legal team at Thompson Law will do the work for you to make sure all those liable for your accident are held accountable.      

Truck Accident Injuries     

The size, weight and cargo of these vehicles create some of the most devastating damage that occurs in roadway accidents. Vehicles of larger size and weight can cause more catastrophic crashes, and more quickly involve multiple vehicles in those collisions. Injuries that result from truck accidents include:     

Cuts and Bruises      


Head Injuries    

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)    

Broken Bones      

Spinal Injuries 

Neck and Disk Injuries      

Joint Trauma and Sprains      

Muscle, Ligament and Tendon Injuries      

Soft Tissue Injuries    

Internal Injuries and Internal Bleeding    

Dismemberment and Amputations   



The most important thing you can do following a serious truck accident is take care of your health. The ideal outcome for Thompson Law is that every client recovers as fully as possible and receives the best compensation possible. Grant Lion Law the opportunity to help you and yours after the accident.       

After the Truck Accident

What to do after the Collision     

If there are serious injuries at the scene, the first thing to do is call 911 for emergency medical help. Emergency professionals such as EMS, police, and firefighters are equipped to best direct the next steps at an accident scene, caring for people and property and preventing further injury.      

Recording events of the accident is extremely important. Arming your Thompson Law team with the best information possible as they represent you in your claim can make all the difference in an optimal outcome. Take pictures, take down identification information such as ID’s, plates, insurance policies, and contact information. Comply fully with emergency responders to ensure complete and accurate reports of the incident are generated.      

Do not make any statements to any representatives from insurance companies or other involved parties. Do not apologize to anyone involved in the crash, because even as a figure of speech this can be construed as an admission of guilt.      

Leave the scene carefully by instruction of the police on the scene. As soon as you safely can, call Thompson Law at 844-308-8180  for assistance. Your legal counselor will discuss the details of your accident and assist with your next steps to rightful repair and recovery.     

The Lion Law Difference

If you have been injured in a truck accident, the time to call Lion Law is right now at 844-308-8180! Your dedicated attorney and professional team will guide your claim and case process, communicating with you every step of the way. Lion Law has an extensive network of partners in Cedar Hill and throughout DFW who will help with all required medical or therapeutic treatments.   

While you focus on recovery, your dedicated Thompson team will focus on negotiating the best possible outcome for your case. Ryan “The Lion” Thompson and his associates are fully prepared to take a case as far as necessary to win your rightful compensation. After suffering a truck wreck injury, you need an expert advocate and a tenacious attorney to have your back.  Contact Lion Law today for your free consultation and case analysis. Bring a lion to the fight!     

Texas law limits the time to file a claim, so reach out now to speak with one of our experienced representatives about your accident.  

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Lion Law team is here to help Cedar Hill truck wreck victims, call anytime 844-308-8180   

Texas law limits the time to file a claim, so reach out now to speak with one of our knowledgeable and compassionate representatives about your accident. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Lion Law team (844) 308-8180 is here to help.


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